As you can see, Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is not the “new- wave health craze”. While technology behind the chamber is new, the treatment of cryotherapy for health purposes is almost as old as ice. It is now being implemented in many athletic training facilities & spas. It’s become popular with not only Star athletes but also with thee Hollywood elite.

Why take an ice bath in freezing cold water, when 3 minutes in the Cryo chamber is all you need.

So now that we have explained what cryotherapy means and where it originated from, I’m sure you’re wondering, “how does this work”? The answer to that will be in our next newsletter.

In the upcoming newsletters, we will discuss topics such as; explaining the benefits of cryotherapy. The different types of cryotherapy services. Who can benefit from cryotherapy. Also share some of our success stories and highlight some of our favorite athletes, and of course our Kori Kryotherapy “Rock Stars”.

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