Cryotherapy ”k-ry-o ther-a-py” you say


Cryotherapy what exactly is it: Is it something new, or is it a "fad"? The "newest craze" or has it been around for many years? “Cryo” comes from the Greek word meaning “cold” and “therapy” meaning “cure”. Let me bring you through a trip in time. Cryo has been around for many years, it's dated [...]

Cryotherapy ”k-ry-o ther-a-py” you say2017-05-24T20:01:10-07:00

What is “WBC”


As you can see, Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is not the “new- wave health craze”. While technology behind the chamber is new, the treatment of cryotherapy for health purposes is almost as old as ice. It is now being implemented in many athletic training facilities & spas. It's become popular with not only Star athletes [...]

What is “WBC”2017-05-25T09:24:29-07:00


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