Localized Cryotherapy  – Go Straight to the Source for Pain Relief

Sometimes you need to go straight to the source for pain relief and when you do, the Localized Cryotherapy at Kori Kryotherapy is just what your body needs.

What To Expect During A Session:

A cold mist of liquid nitrogen is dispersed over an injured body part using a tube attached to the cryotherapy machine. The tube is continuously moved over the area of concern in a sweeping motion. This is to ensure that no particular area gets too cold.  A local cryotherapy session lasts just 10 minutes, penetrating deep into the layers of tissue to increase blood circulation, alleviate pain and speed-up recovery.

Relief from pain:

Whole body cryotherapy is applied to the entire body, while localized cryotherapy focuses on the specific areas of your skin.When your body is exposed to the extreme cold, it numbs the irritated nerves and tissue to alleviate pain and speed up recovery. The cold also helps minimize inflammation, thus treating bruises, strains, and sprains. Local cryotherapy is used to target localized areas that are in pain or inflamed to cold temperatures between -240°F to -256°F for 10 minutes. Making it ideal for knees, elbows, shoulders and back pain.  Localized Cryotherapy is not just for athletes. Many of our clients use Localized Cryotherapy to reduce migraine symptoms, reduce arthritic pain, or to treat skin conditions.

Wholebody and local cryotherapy are perfectly safe to do in the same in fact it just increases your recovery needs.

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