At one time, cryotherapy treatment was primarily used by athletes who frequently sustain injuries.  The treatment was relatively unknown to the masses and thought to be too expensive.  This is no longer true, and many people are now utilizing cryotherapy treatments. Whole Body Cryotherapy is quite affordable to most everyone. Cryotherapy is fast becoming the Number 1 go to treatment for muscle pain, injury, as well as some joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis.  There are studies that indicate cryotherapy reduces anxiety and depression and can facilitate an overall sense of well-being.  The list of ailments that can be treated with whole body and local cryotherapy sessions is quite extensive.
Types of available cryotherapy treatments:

Whole body cryotherapy – reduces inflammation, pain management, relives stress & anxiety, helps with sleeping regimen, burns 200-800 calories per session
Localized cryotherapy – extreme icing on a specific area, reduces inflammation and swelling, works best for acute and chronic injuries 
Cryo facials – Rejuvenates the skin, restores radiance, soothes inflammation, improves skin texture and tone, as well as helps with collagen production soothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Standard treatments can range from $25 – $45
Through our memberships prices can be as low as $10 per treatment.
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We will price match competitors advertised price. We also offer discounts for students, military, veterans, police officers and first responders. 
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