We talk a lot about the health benefits of exposure to extreme cold, but did you know exposure to extreme heat can have just as much influence on your health?

Infrared Sauna exposure can help support your immune system! Visiting Kori Kryotherapy regularly for sessions in our full spectrum infrared sauna will provide a gentle, side-effect-free way to detox!

How Infrared Saunas provide a natural way to enhance your Immune System:

While in your 45 minute sauna session, your body temperature will become elevated. This elevation increases your heart rate and accelerates your blood circulation, causing sweating. Toxins from your lymphatic system and blood stream will begin to excrete through your skin. We encourage deeper breathing while in your session to further optimize the drainage process. This results in a natural boost to your immune system.

Every system in your body performs better when in a detoxified state, especially your immune system. Using our infrared sauna regularly will aid in sweating out 5 times more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat.

Already feeling a little run down? No worries… As the infrared heat penetrates deep into your body, it will also cause your white blood cell count to rapidly multiply. This helps to fight off any harmful bacteria that might have already invaded your body.

With so much scientific research available these days on how to optimize your health, it’s time to try our Infrared Sauna for yourself.

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